Life’s a Drag

Here’s a video of my drag act.  I’ve played Rick before, in cosplay and on stage just messing around.  This was the first time I brought him out as a Drag King character in his own right and I loved every damn minute of it.  A friend told me recently (actually the teapot-wielding warrior who joined me on stage) that I appear more confident in character than I do when I’m doing regular stand-up.  So I’m going to spend more time developing as a drag king than as stand-up because I have way more fun in my beard than I do as myself.

So I’m now looking for opportunities to perform anywhere I can feasibly get to, and in October I’m packing up my beard and hitting the road.


Kicking off in Bristol on the 11th, then back at the Exeter Phoenix on the 19th for my Drag debut at Taking The Mic.  Friday 21st is the good old Joke Room where it all began, then Saturday 22nd off to Cornwall.  The tiny tour rounds off with what should be a fantastic experience in Soho when I get to play with some of the UK’s best known Drag Kings.

Performing as Rick Withoutadick is my happy place.  Life’s a drag and it’s a grand one.

Stay tuned for more updates, videos and photos.

Upcoming Gigs

After a couple of weeks off, I’m back on the gigging trail this coming week:

Wednesday 17th August – I’m taking part in Taking The Mic, a spoken word show at the Exeter Phoenix.  I’m on the same bill as my favourite local comic, fellow geek and general good egg, Richard James. A packed show with lots of different acts including comics and performance poets.

Friday 19th Augus– Back on my home turf, the good old Joke Room.  I’m MC-ing another great line-up, including Richard James again, Frankie Doré and the hilarious Lauren Denley.  Only £3!  Get your tickets here.

Monday 22nd August – Back at the Exeter Phoenix for another go at The Last Laugh. I tried a slot there last month and it was, er… challenging. It felt like my first ‘proper’ gig, a bit nerve-wracking and of course I can’t wait to give it another try.

I’m trying to get out there as much as I can.  If you know of any comedy clubs that have room for newbies, let me know! 🙂

So. This happened.

There is a Walker Stalker Convention happening in New Jersey this weekend.  A friend of mine was going and I asked her to see if she could get a photo of Josh “Eugene Porter” McDermitt to pose for a photo with one of our posters.  My friend came through and delivered these beauties via Facebook a couple of hours ago…

Dr Eugene Porter is smarter than you and he knows that this is going to be a good show.  I doubt he’d have much respect for my hair game, though.

Tickets for The Joke Room are available here. 🙂

June at The Joke Room


June’s Joke Room was an absolute blast.  We had a fantastic line-up of comics that visited us from Wales… so, inevitably, the show start was delayed because of traffic on the M5.  We welcomed James Dunn, Costas Lukaris, Ali Hancock, John Collins and Karen Sherrard.

Time for me to get stuck in to my script for Fangirl Confessions, the show-within-a-show coming to the Joke Room in July.

More info soon.