Life’s a Drag

Here’s a video of my drag act.  I’ve played Rick before, in cosplay and on stage just messing around.  This was the first time I brought him out as a Drag King character in his own right and I loved every damn minute of it.  A friend told me recently (actually the teapot-wielding warrior who joined me on stage) that I appear more confident in character than I do when I’m doing regular stand-up.  So I’m going to spend more time developing as a drag king than as stand-up because I have way more fun in my beard than I do as myself.

So I’m now looking for opportunities to perform anywhere I can feasibly get to, and in October I’m packing up my beard and hitting the road.


Kicking off in Bristol on the 11th, then back at the Exeter Phoenix on the 19th for my Drag debut at Taking The Mic.  Friday 21st is the good old Joke Room where it all began, then Saturday 22nd off to Cornwall.  The tiny tour rounds off with what should be a fantastic experience in Soho when I get to play with some of the UK’s best known Drag Kings.

Performing as Rick Withoutadick is my happy place.  Life’s a drag and it’s a grand one.

Stay tuned for more updates, videos and photos.

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