Hello, I’m Sam. I’m in my forties and I’d like to welcome you all to my mid-life crisis.

TL;DR version – I enjoy being funny and I enjoy dressing up as a man.

Got time; want to read version – Last August I started working at The Oak Room in Tiverton, Devon.  I work part-time as PA to the owner, Sue Searle.  Sue is a brilliant mentor for all things creative, and when she realised I had aspirations to make a fool of myself onstage, she gave me a space to play and experiment with all of the daft things I wanted to do.

The first thing I did was a parody of The Walking Dead as part of our promotions for Halloween 2015:

I enjoyed playing Rick Grimes *way* more than a middle-aged administrative professional should, and ended up playing him again at Christmas, in our first in-house production, a cabaret celebrating the glorious art of cosplay.

In February 2016 we put on our first comedy night.  I had to sit that one out due to illness, and I made my debut in March, again as Rick, delivering a lecture on surviving the zombie apocalypse.

The Oak Room, Tiverton: Sam’s Slot for The Joke Room, 2016-03-18 from Michael Randall on Vimeo.

In April I became the host of The Joke Room and finally appeared on stage without a painted on beard and for the first time attempted a set of ordinary stand-up as me. I was hooked. I’ve hosted every show since and on May 20th my boss Sue shaved my head for 1) Macmillan Cancer’s “brave the shave” campaign and 2) to make up for my shocking lack of material that month.

July sIMG_0103aw “Rick without a Dick” make a re-appearance in “Fangirl Confessions” at the Joke Room because I still need to get my drag on regularly. I also made my first appearances outside of my own place, performing at The Mic Shack in Taunton and The Last Laugh in Exeter.

I’m still very much a newbie comic. I’m really enjoying performing, and even get a bit of a rush when things don’t go quite so well. I’m always on the look-out for new places to play and I would absolutely love to perform at conventions where my geekier material can come out to play and I can perform as Rick to a group of people who know who he is! My ‘straight’ stand-up involves me pretty much taking the proverbial out of myself, telling stories about my life that may or may not have been exaggerated or twisted or completely fabricated for comic effect.  I like to talk about some of the things I struggle with in life including mental health difficulties, gender identity issues and my weight which is more than it should be but considerably less than what it was.  I also enjoy talking about the various things I’m a huge fan of (including, of course, The Walking Dead), and that is the focus of the “Fangirl Confessions” show which is available as a full-length show, a 15 minute set, or an emotional evening at my place with the complete works of Andrew Lincoln.

I met Andrew Lincoln earlier this year.  He said I was awesome and gave me a big hug. If my comedy career goes nowhere, at least I made *him* laugh once.